Blacktown Telecommunications facility – 939Kva SGP Upgrade

The Blacktown communications facility is a 5 storey building which had an existing 500KVA containerized generator mounted on the roof.  The project scope was to provide an automatic temporary emergency power system and replace the existing generating set with a new Cummins 939KVA containerised generating set.

Some of the difficulties encountered within this project were the location of the temporary generating set, how the new unit was to be supported on the roof of the structure and how the new system was to be integrated into the existing control system.

Even though these were difficulties Ryan Wilks viewed them more as challenges.  The temporary 500KVA containerized set was positioned within the tight loading dock and expertly maneuvered into position with the exhaust discharge setup to run external to the building leaving sufficient room for the loading bay to stay operational.

An engineered structural steel design was implemented and an expertly timed and co-ordinated crane lift enabled the new 20tonne generating set to be positioned on the roof structure and landed to its final location.  Due to the sheer size and weight of the new machine these works were conducted out of normal hours so as not to disrupt local business.

Minor modifications to the existing controls and services to interface with the new system enabled a very tight budget to be achieved.

Value $350k