Mackellar Girls School – Electrical Upgrade

The Department Of Education & Training (DET) had released a much awaited electrical Upgrade Project at this northern beaches school. The works included various components including:

  • New Power Monitor & Surge Diverter Installation to the incoming consumer mains at the Main Switch Board.
  • Replacement of over 330 Circuit Breakers with new RCBO’s within the Schools Distribution Boards in line with Australian Standards.
  • Installation of 99 new general power outlets throughout the school.
  • Installation of 32 new data  outlets throughout the school.
  • Installation of timers to all security and walk way lighting throughout the school.
  • Various lighting installation and electrical repairs works.

Due to project time constraints and the schools busy time table the above works were completed in only a two week holiday period. In this time frame a high percentage of tripping RCD circuits were also rectified with a substantial amount of additional works requested by the school. High praise was received from the school for Ryan Wilks planning and clear communication strategies.