Sydney City North/East CBD Data Centre – Under Floor Bus Ducts

The works carried out under this project included detailed design, co-ordination, manufacture, supply, delivery to site, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, dismantling, demolition and generally making good for upgrade of the electrical services at a Sydney CBD Data Centre. Due to UPS output loads on supply 1 & 2 being overloaded within the Data centre’s tenanted area’s works included splitting of existing Under Floor Bus Ducts and distributing the loads to new/existing UPS output reticulation systems. On completion of installing the new distribution systems, more than 60 employees’ worked tirelessly over 3 nights across 4 levels to complete the strategic cutovers without incident or loss of supply, therefore ensuring tenants equipment continued to operate without interruption.

Summary of works:

  • Installed new 12 off UPS DB’s and Installation of new UPS Input switchboard, including ASCO change over switches.
  • Relocation of external maintenance by-pass of Piller UPSs to UPS C1 switchboard, including circuit breakers.
  • Plan and workout the sequence of DB and bus-duct work to minimise any dependence on single power source, for each and every piece of equipment across 4 levels.
  • Provision of cable tray support systems, supply and Installation of submains, termination and connection for underfloor bus-ducts.
  • Verification of phase orientation for all under floor busbars and submains prior to connection.
  • Surge suppression devices in all new switchboards, mounted in a segregated section of the switchboard with transparent inspection window for easy maintenance.
  • Removed all redundant items of equipment, including electrical cables and items of equipment from site.
  • All STS across all levels were isolated, disconnected, removed and handed over in suitable packing to the client.
  • BMS monitoring system for all new switchboards for bus-duct meters, terminated in a dedicated BMS box on top of the switchboards.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance of the entire electrical installation for a period of 12 months of defects liability period from the date of practical completion.
  • Works tests, site tests, commissioning tests and acceptance tests for the entire electrical installation to demonstrate the performance, including switchboards, UPS, static switches, active harmonic filters.

Due to meticulous procedures, detailed time lines (Gantt Charts), thorough planning and the brilliant efforts/teamwork by our employees, clients and subcontractors ensured the successful completion within time and budget without jeopardizing the data centre.

Value $2.1m