Sydney City South/East CBD Data Centre – 939Kva SGP Upgrade

The overall result of this project was achieved through strategic planning and overall experience and knowledge gained through many years of working within the industry.  The site existed with 3 large Blackstone Generating sets, 2 of which were still in service with the third being used as spare parts.

The installation was conducted within the sub-basement of an 8 storey building.  A new fire rated generator room was constructed with 2 new shaft risers.  The discharge riser rose the seven stories and exited on the roof level it was constructed in an existing shaft cavity within the building.

Having  a complex fuel system capable of filtering and storing  20,000Litres of fuel and a control system for automatic and alarm status monitoring . The 3 existing sets were condensed into the one set consisting of a 939KVA Cummins Diesel Generator capable of powering the building and providing a future growth capability of at least 5-10 years.

With a Project Value of $1.9 million the installation was completed on time and under budget.