Motor Control Systems and Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drives (VSDs) allow loads driven by AC induction motors (such as fans and pumps) to operate in a wide range of speeds compared to the motor fixed speed. VSDs are also called variable-frequency drives, adjustable-speed drives, variable-frequency inverters, or frequency converters.

VSD installations can increase energy efficiency (in some cases energy savings can exceed 50%), improve power factor and process precision, and provide other performance benefits such as soft starting and over-speed capability. They also can eliminate the need for expensive and energy-wasting throttling mechanisms such as control valves and outlet dampers.

VSDs can provide significant savings in applications such as:

  • Variable air volume air conditioning systems
  • Chilled water pumping
  • Exhaust air systems, such as dust extraction, paint shop exhaust, and fume cupboards
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Some modern compressors (including air and refrigeration compressors)

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