Main Switchboard Replacements and Upgrades

Life cycle replacement, meeting the demands of current and future electrical demands are the main factors that drive switchboard replacement and upgrading.

Our highly experienced team can provide a seamless replacement of your Switchboards. We can co-ordinate your change-over from design through Switchboard construction to a successful handover. At all times maintaining our commitment to high quality workmanship and safety.

Power Distribution Systems

Ryan Wilks understand that Electric power – the life-blood of industry – can represent up to 40 per cent of the total cost of production especially in energy -intensive industries. The management and control of electrical power underpins profit and success in businesses that use higher than normalĀ  amounts of electrical power.

Industry now demands flexible, scalable solutions for the reticulation and marshalling of electric power – switchboards and reticulation systems that can be extended, modified and adapted to suit a dynamically varying range of requirements within an operational facility. Power must be quickly reticulated when and where it is needed, responsively and effectively.

Ryan Wilks can design, procure and install an electrical power distribution system to meets most clients needs.