Accredited Level 2 Service Provider

Ryan Wilks can provide an overhead service, underground supplies, temporary supply and builder’s poles. We can supply you with power from either an overhead or underground reticulated system. This will include the supply and installation of all your metering requirements.

For existing premises – we can provide any power upgrades (for example, single phase to three phase power upgrades), disconnects/reconnects, relocate your switchboard and/or mains, upgrade your metering requirements (for example, time of use metering).

Power Monitoring

Power quality monitoring is an essential service many utilities perform for their industrial and key customers. Because of the technology and software now available, this monitoring is a highly-effective means to detect, solve, and even prevent problems on both utility and customer power systems. 

Not only can a monitoring system provide information about system disturbances and their possible causes, it can also detect problem conditions throughout the system before they cause customer complaints, equipment malfunctions, and even equipment damage or failure.

Power quality problems are not necessarily limited to the utility side of the system – indeed; surveys have shown that the majority of power quality problems are localized within customer facilities. Ryan Wilks can provide power monitoring of your facility

Power Distribution Systems

Ryan Wilks understand that Electric power – the life-blood of industry – can represent up to 40 per cent of the total cost of production especially in energy -intensive industries. The management and control of electrical power underpins profit and success in businesses that use higher than normal  amounts of electrical power.

Industry now demands flexible, scalable solutions for the reticulation and marshalling of electric power – switchboards and reticulation systems that can be extended, modified and adapted to suit a dynamically varying range of requirements within an operational facility. Power must be quickly reticulated when and where it is needed, responsively and effectively.

Ryan Wilks can design, procure and install an electrical power distribution system to meets most clients needs.