Sydney City North/West CBD Data Centre – 3 x 2300Kva SGP Upgrade – Substation No 1

Generator Upgrade, comprising the replacement of existing standby diesel generators with 3 x 2300kVA new standby diesel generators, new generator switchboards, synchronising control system, associated building works, associated mechanical works, hydraulic and BMS.

Ryan Wilks completed this project on schedule and exceeded our customer’s expectations. The project team was praised for its professionalism in adhering to stringent change management processes and completed the works without incident. No compromise was made to the operations of the telecommunication equipment or services within the building.

Major building works were required to accommodate the new SGP system including:

  • Construction of a new suspended concrete slab which extended from an existing slab to support 1 of 3 new 2300kVA Caterpillar diesel generators (SGP’s).
  • Installation of the new SGP room
  • Demolition of the existing toilets throughout the 16 levels for construction of new diesel exhaust riser.
  • Triangulation & alignment of 500mm core holes through 16 levels for the new exhaust riser installation ( 3 x 400mm Stainless exhaust Flues).
  • Extensive dust protection throughout the building to protect sensitive telecommunication equipment.


Prior to the removal of the existing backup power system,  3 x1250kVA containerised generators were installed within the forecourt of the building providing temporary back up power. These works were completed over three nights and road closure management was required to one of Sydney’s CBD main roads to prevent any disruption the building and busy main street. Each generator was suspended via structural steel supports and crane lifted into position. The temporary plant underwent auto start signal, synchronising & building load testing before being brought on-line.

On completion of the construction phase, a one week detailed commissioning process of the 3 x new SGP’s was conducted. This commissioning involved pre-checks, control system tests, synchronising, dummy load tests, building load test and finally ‘Black Start’ tests where the building supply was isolated at Energy Australia’s substation.

The project was made increasingly challenging due to two projects running concurrently on the same level with – Link to Reticulation Project

Project Highlights & Challenges:

  • Construction of new B1 suspended concrete slab whilst maintaining access to goods lift and building infrastructure
  • Installation of 3x1250kVA containerised generators on suspended structural steel at main entrance including auto start signal & synchronising of mobile generator plant.
  • Demolition / modification of building amenities Basement to Level 15 for construction of new exhaust riser whilst maintaining them in operation
  • Installation of 3x stainless steel exhaust flues from basement to roof, works were conducted after hours to ensure no disruption to building operation or occupants
  • Installation of air outtake attenuators, fans and ductwork whilst maintaining a fully functional loading dock
  • Removal of existing generators and installation of 3x new 15tonne 2300kVA Caterpillar Generators utilising specialist mobile telescopic gantry hoist
  • SGP Construction works carried out during major electrical reticulation upgrade without disruption to supplies or building operation
  • Installation of 3x roof top remote radiators via Heli-Lift
  • New diesel fuel pipe work system, day tanks, filters, coolers and laundering system
  • Remote Radiators, Cooling water pipe work, valves & sensors, heat exchangers and pumps
  • Fire protection, BMS, AMS, Generator Control, leak detection and various other auxiliary systems.
  • Installation of new electrical infrastructure (EPP Extension Cubicle & Busduct)
  • Stringent testing via resistive and reactive dummy loads positioned in CBD Street for one week and thorough building load tests including incoming mains supply failure (Black Start) test
  • Interruption free cutover from mobile standby plant to new station sets on completion of commissioning
  • Project completed incident free and within original construction programme


Value $ 9.1mil