Company Profile & Capability Statement

Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd is a provider of Electrical, Mechanical, Air-Conditioning and Building Services to the Australian commercial and industrial markets. A privately-owned Australian company founded in early 1992 by father and son Ronald Francis and Ronald Phillip Ryan, Ryan Wilks has emerged as one of Australia’s leading service providers, delivering tailored solutions and services to a solid base of government and blue chip customers.

As well as the technical experience obtained through years of occupying blue chip client sites we are aware of hazardous situations, which can arise from poor work practices. Ryan Wilks avoids these situations through astute work scheduling, WHS and environment control.

Retaining key personnel remains high on the agenda for the directors of Ryan Wilks. In the 32 years of operation, investment in human resources has been the underlying force in achieving growth of the business and longevity of relationships within all areas of the industry.

Our team of multi-disciplined professionals can provide comprehensive turnkey solutions and advice on the most complex projects.

Our labour profile is such that the demanding programming required to carry out works is such a way that the customer’s facility is not jeopardised, and the project goals are always achieved. Contingencies by way of stand by crews and back up plant are always a high priority.

Continued technical training of our personal is done on a regular basis, as the Directors of Ryan Wilks believe that this enhances the company’s performance in an environment where having the most advanced technology is the motivating factor for many projects.


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