Fire Stopping

We offer a range of passive fire protection systems on our turn key projects using the best available products. Typically we provide:

  • Fire Rating Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic Services penetrating any Fire Rated elements (e.g. masonry walls & floors) within the building structure.
  • Fire Rated Encasements of Steel Columns & Beams and Mechanical Ducts.
  • Fire Spray Application to Structural Steel & Mechanical Ducts.
  • Construction of Fire Rated Duct Systems.
  • Construction Joint Sealing (Fire Rated & Non- Rated).
  • One and Two Hour Fire Rated Glazing Systems
  • Fire Stop Collars to suit UPVC Pipe work
  • Fire Rated Doors & Frame Systems.
  • Fire Damper Inspections and Rectification work.
  • Fire Rated Access Panels

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