Condenser Water Systems

Ryan Wilks recently completed a major upgrade of an existing tenant condenser water system to incorporate a new heat exchanger and to provide dedicated primary and secondary tenant systems.  As the system was active the works had to be well planned and co-ordinated to ensure minimal impact to the those being served by the existing system.

In addition the site posed significant restriction with limited access within, and to the actual tower area. As a result large equipment such as the heat exchanger had to be delivered to site in pieces and assembled on site. The end plates (650 kgs each) would not fit in the lifts and had to unloaded in the adjacent carpark and skated across the footbridge. They were then rigged through the tower area door, and then into final position.

Planning, and co-ordinating with our client played a significant  part in the success of these works and centred around one planned night shut down. This shutdown would involve pipework modifications, major switchboard modifications  and the replacement of equipment.  Prior to this shut down preparation works such as running in of new electrical cables, mounting of variable speed drive units, pouring of concrete plinths and the fabrication of pipe spool sections where completed in readiness.

On night our client agreed with the plant was shutdown and the cut overs commenced. The works involved;

  • Isolation of central and tenant condenser water systems to allow new pipe connections to be installed. These connections were cut into existing copper and stainless pipes and were  carried out by combination of draining of existing systems and hot taps.
  • Swapping out of two existing tenant pumps (rigged in and out)  and the reconnection of  pipework, including new valve sets and termination of new VSD’s and power cabling.
  • Switchboard modifications were carried out to accommodate the two (2) new pumps,  new VSD drives and larger motors.

The works commenced at 10:30 pm and the plant was back on line and running at scheduled plant start of 8:00am the following morning.  With the night works complete the primary water system (pumps and pipework) was then installed and the installation completed.  The works are a credit to all involved and a testament to good planning and working as a team.

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