Harmonic Filtering

Modern electrical equipment imposes stringent demands on voltage stability and power quality.

The power network has to be free from harmonics and other electrical disturbances. By installing harmonic filters several benefits are obtained: 

  • Higher power factor, improved voltage stability and network losses
  • Filtering of harmonics in the system
  • Avoidance of resonance problems and amplification of electrical disturbances.
  • A “clean” network also imposes much less strain on equipment and lengthens its life span. This means lower maintenance cost and lower cost for replacing worn-out equipment.

What problems can harmonics cause? 

  • Increased losses, e.g. machines will operate at increased temperature and can be overheated
  • Resonance problems between the inductive and capacitive parts of the power network
  • Malfunctioning of control systems since electronic meters, relays, etc. are matched to the fundamental frequency
  • Overloading of capacitors, leading to malfunctioning and premature aging
  • Interference with telecommunications and computers
  • Disturbances in ripple control systems
  • High currents in neutral conductors.

Ryan Wilks can design, procure and install an Harmonic filtering system to meet most clients needs.

Harmonic filtering system designed and installed by Ryan Wilks

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