Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction helps businesses maximise energy use by reducing waste. It’s a measure between 0 and 1 where 1 means that you are making the most effective use of your power. A low factor can be improved by having a power factor correction unit installed which can improve the hidden running costs of motors and other inductive loads.

The actual demand for power that your business places on the electricity network is measured in kVA (1000s of Volt Amps). A low power factor means a higher kVA demand and higher running costs. So large energy users on a kVA demand tariff, will probably benefit from having power factor correction equipment installed.

The equipment consists of capacitors, which work as silent reactive power ‘generators’, so that the total amount of electricity demand decreases, thus reducing energy costs. They are housed in a metal cabinet, similar to the one that contains your electrical switchboard, and are usually located next to it.

Ryan Wilks can design, procure and install a power factor correction system to meet most clients needs.

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