• $ 1.5 Mil

Air Services – Sydney Airport Radar Upgrade

Ryan Wilks has recently completed a major project to upgrade the air conditioning systems at seven strategic radar sites at airports located around Australia, including Adelaide, Cairns, Coolangatta, Melbourne, Stradbroke Island, Perth and Sydney, value 1.5 Mil. The Sydney site plays a critical role in the provision of air safety and traffic control along the east coast and operates 24/7 365 days a year.


The works involved the replacement of the existing equipment room air conditioning units and new stainless steel mechanical services switchboard.  The existing security screens were modified , new intake louvres were installed to provide additional air for new units.  In addition the existing fire indicator panel was replaced

Due to the critical operations of each site  prior to commencing of any works Ryan Wilks had to set up dual temporary air conditioning system to provide duty and stand-by temporary cooling. The temporary air conditioning had to be run and tested, then the back up system  run and tested and all signed off prior to commencement of the replacement works.

Similar to other six sites temporary air conditioning was provided by 2 off 30 kw package units complete with control panel , temporary cabling &  flexible  ducting into the main equipment room.

The works involved a high level of co-ordination and planning with our client who based in Melbourne and with the facility managers in Sydney to not only meet the nominated completion dates but also to access the site which was located airside, adjacent to the main aircraft  taxi way. This taxi way was crossed twice on each journey to and from the site.

The close proximity of the planes posed logistical issues with the movement of materials and securing of rubbish, but did provide a unique backdrop for morning tea and lunch as you can see from the pictures. It’s also not everyday that you can come home and say you had give way to an aeroplane on the way to work that morning.

We are please to say that the works were completed on each site on time, and more importantly our client is extremely happy with installations and  commented on the professionalism of Ryan Wilks

This project enabled Ryan Wilks to showcase our ability to provide “Ryan Wilks Quality and Service” nationally and is accredit to all involved.

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