• $ 500k

Fibre Optic Access Node Construction

Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd was engaged by Optus to be the principal contractor to construct a brand new Fibre Optic Access Node facility within an existing operational 22 Storey high-rise building in Brisbane’s CBD. The project encompassed the various disciplines that Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd is experienced in carrying out and included Mechanical, Electrical, Building, Air-conditioning and Fire services.


The project involved the following works:-

  • Construction of a new fire rated room complete with new doors, walls and flooring
  • New N+1 Mechanical Air Conditioning system complete with custom made ducting complete with an economy cycle function which was controlled through a local PLC based control system
  • A UPS/ Inverter system provided power to the Emergency Exhaust Ventilation System controlled through a dedicated Mechanical Services Panel. The Inverter system is supported by 2 large banks of batteries so in the event of mains failure the delicate and heat sensitive communications equipment can still operate.
  • The construction of a fire rated room to house the new batteries.
  • New 3 Phase switchboard complete with a remote Generator connection facility.
  • Stand-alone Fire Alarm system and modifications to the existing sprinkler system to accommodate new equipment.
  • Complete leak detection system consisting of a dedicated control panel with numerous sensors attached.
  • Installation of new power, lighting and emergency lighting.
  • Provision of new fibre containment as well as a complete new cable support structure to cater for the support of the power and telecommunications cabling.
  • Complete load testing of the system and the utilization of a backup generator to prove functionality of the completed system.

Ryan Wilks were able to co-ordinate the works with the building manager to minimize any disruptions to the rest of the tenants within the occupied 22 storey building. The project was successfully completed by the Ryan Wilks team surpassing the client’s requirements in yet another telecommunication facilities.

Value $500k

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