Gosford & Wyong Telecomminications facility – HVAC works

Ryan Wilks has recently completed two air conditioning upgrade projects as part of the infrastructure upgrade works associated with the NBN roll out across NSW, these being at Wyong and Gosford.


The Wyong project involved the modification of existing ductwork and the installation of new ductwork and grilles to suit new a NBN equipment layout within the operational second floor equipment room. The works involved working in and around operational equipment racks and had to be completed within a short time frame to co-ordinate with the installation of new NBN equipment.

In addition to the ductwork modifications the existing control system was re-programmed to prioritise cooling to this area by way of new motorised dampers and local thermostats, the control of the existing air conditioning units was modified to enable the operation of all four units in lead/lag arrangement.

Two new rectifier switchboards were installed in the new battery room on level 1. New submains were installed from the ground floor main switchboard to supply the new rectifier boards. New circuit breakers were installed within the main switchboard during the service window (out of hours) to provide power to the newly installed equipment.

At Gosford the project brief involved the reclaiming of an un-used area on Level 1,an adjacent locker room, toilets and lunch room area to become a new dedicated equipment and plantroom area for the NBN roll out. Â

The overall project was scheduled to be completed in two Stages, Ryan Wilks were awarded and have recently completed the Stage 1 works

The Stage 1 which involved the preparation of the existing room to become the new equipment room and the demolition and clearing of the lunch room area to become new Battery Room.

Ryan Wilks carried out the building works which included the demolition of walls, cutting and fitting of new fire doors, bricking up and rendering existing doors, removal of existing air conditioning services, patching of ceilings, installation of support columns to walls and fire rating of existing floor penetrations, painting of the room and the laying of new vinyl flooring.

In addition to the building works Ryan Wilks installed new hot and cold zone air conditioning ductwork and droppers to suit the H3 equipment layout. The H3 requirements required the provision of non standard supply air grilles which, with the assistance of Airgrilles, Ryan Wilks was able to develop and provide the “Special 3JD-200” supply air grilles.

The new ductwork penetrated the equipment room wall and was capped for future connection in Stage 2 works.

Within the equipment room new C-Bus controlled automated lighting was installed and the fire system upgraded to suit the new room configuration.

Two new rectifier switchboards were installed within the new battery room. The switchboards were installed temporarily on supports as the wall on which they are to be mounted is not due to be installed until stage 2 works. The switchboards were installed and powered up as the new battery racks were installed in preparation for early NBN fitout of the room.  New sub-mains were installed from the ground floor main switchboard to supply the new rectifier boards. New circuit breakers were installed within the main switchboard  during the service window (out of hours) to provide power to the rectifier boards and new sub mains run through the building to the new rectifier switchboards.

To accommodate the initial NBN fitout of the equipment room an existing de-commissioning air conditioning plant was re-commissioned and new supply air grilles and flexes installed to provide temporary air conditioning solution until the final Stage 2 works are complete.

The Stage 1 works involved the co-ordination of a number of different trades as well as our own Ryan Wilks staff and required the completion of a large volume of work in a short timespan which we completed by the NBN deadline and to the satisfaction of our end client.

Ryan Wilks is now one step closer to being able to offer our clients a full in-house solution to there electrical and mechanical service requirements.

Whilst the projects may have only been relatively small in size the project was completed in a very short time period to meet the critical NBN timeline.

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