• $ 1 Million

Lakemba Telecommunications facility – SGP & HVAC Upgrade

Due to the recent NBN load requirements at this exchange, Ryan Wilks were engaged to complete both HVAC Upgrade and Standby Diesel Generator Upgrade.


The works entailed:

  • Supply & installation of  1 x new C-Bus lighting control panel and 1 x new Mechanical Services Switchboard.
  • Supply & Installation of New Rectifier DB Sub Mains, new mechanical services Sub Mains and Circuits Breaker Upgrades to MSB.
  • Supply and installation of 3 x new 80kw Stulz process coolers.
  • New roof structural platform for the new air-conditioning units, associated weather proofing, edge protection and cranes lifts.
  • Supply and installation of four weatherproof intake louvers with motorised dampers and 50mm panel filters on level 4 PAC plant room.
  • Supply and installation of four weatherproof exhaust louvers with motorised dampers in the level 4 window spaces.
  • Supply and installation of new smoke detectors, and new fire trips.
  • New lighting and cbus control.
  • Installation of New 550KVA SGP c/w diesel fuel system, new air attenuation, supply air fan, 4 x 1c x 500mm FS generator mains cabling, pre-start checks, dummy load testing & building load commissioning.
  • Alarm Monitoring connectivity.

This project required substantial input in the attenuation of both the SGP and air conditioning design to meet acoustic standards at the residential boundary together with utlising existing attenuation where possible to meet budget restrictions. Highlights included:

  • Installation and crane lift of roof top structural platform to house outdoor AC Units. The co-ordination of road closures and crane lifts on a busy road adjacent to a school was executed without incident.
  • The removal of external windows on the fourth floor above a busy pedestrian footpath ready for the Installation of weatherproof intake louvers & motorised dampers.
  • Strip down and re-assembly of air conditioning units due to restricted site access.
  • SGP attenuation design and installation within a tight space.

Project Value 1 million

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