Newcastle Telecommunications facility – SGP Upgrade

This Newcastle area facility has been upgraded with a 511KVA Standby Diesel Generator, replacing the under capacity existing 350KVA set.


The Project included the following works:

  • Temporary mobile generator configured to start automatically, supporting the facility on mains power failure & for the duration of the project.
  • Underground Bulk Fuel Tank Integrity Testing.
  • Demolition of existing SGP, remote radiator all associated SGP equipment.
  • Demolition of internal existing Generator room internal wall to create a larger Plant room Via new concrete filled block wall encroaching on the neighboring Battery Room.
  • Extensive dust protection solutions.
  • New Air intake & exhaust air attenuation complete with intake and exhaust air fans.
  • Remote Air Radiator & cooling water pipe work to upper level car park.
  • New diesel exhaust muffler.
  • New Generator MSB.
  • New 4 x 1c x 500mm² Fire rated Generator Mains and associated Generator control cabling.
  • MSB ATS Logic control modifications.
  • New Generator Auxiliary DB complete with air attenuation & radiator fan control.
  • Acoustic wall lining.
  • Battery Room Air Ventilation, complete with Vermiculite Fire Rating, Fire Dampers & electrical fan supplies.
  • New BMS alarm points.
  • Generator pre-start checks,  dummy load testing & building load commissioning.
  • New Generator room & battery Room Lighting.
  • Epoxy floor finish.
  • External Bollards to protect Generator air attenuation.

This project required substantial input in the attenuation design to meet acoustic standards at the residential boundary together with height limitations within the generator room impacting on duct work layout. Ryan Wilks worked closely with the consulting engineers to achieve the best solution to a number of engineering challenges.

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