Vodafone Adelaide (SA) Data Centre – Electrical / Mechanical Upgrade

Located in Adelaide this exchange underwent an electrical upgrade within this critical Vodafone network site to enable electrical redundancy (duel supplies) and long term reliability. This was achieved by upgrading the existing Site Main Switchboard and, complete with a new duplicate Main Switchboard. This new electrical distribution system was integrated into the sites existing diesel standby emergency generators.

The existing Mechanical Services Switch Board (MSSB) was also upgrade together with new duplicate MSSB. Consideration and design was made to integrate the existing BMS monitoring in-line the fire matrix of the site. Integration and stage cutovers allowed all electrical works to cutover without incident or disruption to the Facility.


The contract encompassed all aspects of the work including associated trades and builders works required to complete the project. Ryan Wilks displayed their depth of experience in completing such an electrical upgrade package within a critical “live” network site while maintaining the sites reliability and availability throughout the works. The Ryan Wilks team was praised for the high a quality installation and their project and on-site management expertise in delivering this project to programme and within budget. 


  • Liaise with the local (SA) supply authority for the Site MSB replacement / shutdown works.
  • Project cable tray containment design and installation
  • Design and supply of 1 x Main Switch Boards (3200Amp)
  • Design and supply of MSSB MDB and Mechanical Control / BMS Control Panel
  • Installation of Submain cable reticulation dual supplies throughout the site
  • Verification of the site in ground services
  • New consumer mains underground trenching via non intrusive methodology through a populated main drive way into the exchange
  • Staged transfer of existing sub mains, including link panels and extension from the old main switchboard
  • Staged Installation and planned cutovers
  • Installation of 11 new Automatic Transfer Switches installed locally at the site equipment for dual supply redundancy
  • Complete electrical survey and discrimination study and the re-labelling of all electrical supplies / equipment


  • Provide extension of the existing system to include all new and altered plant and Switchboards, in accordance with Vodafone standard points list.
  • Provide high level data interface to new power meters in switchboards. The meters will have a MODBUS output card


  • Supply and install New Switch Room dual split systems 


  • Demolition and reinstatement of walls to two electrical switch rooms to allow the installation of  New Main Switch Board and MSSBs
  • Removal and make good of the facility roof to allow the crane installation of the electrical switchboards

Value $600k

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