• $ 275k

Windsor Telecommunications facility – Mechanical Services Switchboard Replacements

With the ever growing emphasis now being placed on the maintenance of electrical equipment and having in some instances equipment which just can no longer be maintained or relied on.  This is when there needs to be what is called a “Life Cycle Replacement.”  And this is what Ryan Wilks encountered when engaged to perform the works surrounding the Windsor Telecommunications Facility mechanical switchboards upgrade across two levels of this high profile, fully occupied and operational facility.


The challenge surrounding this project was not just in replacing these switchboards, but also in determining what was on the existing arrangements.  Due to the age of these existing boards there had been so many additions and deletions over many years and not one had been recorded in such a way that could have assisted in making this task easier.  It was in fact a welcomed challenge to the Ryan Wilks team and was executed without hesitation and with the care and reliability of a well oiled high performance machine.

In most cases these projects are straight forward but with the lack of detail surrounding this project it was of no surprise to find Ryan Wilks with a full grasp and understanding of what had to be done to not only maintain the operation of the equipment throughout the life cycle upgrades but to also ensure that full integration into the building management system was completed to ensure full BMS control over all aspects of the Mechanical Systems throughout these two levels.

This particular project having been passed over by a number of contractors saw Ryan Wilks bring it to conclusion successfully and well within the client’s budget.

Value $275k

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