• $ 90k

Wyong Waterproofing & Concrete Repairs

Ryan Wilks recently completed major waterproofing and concrete repair within the underground services tunnel for one of our major clients.


The existing walls and ceilings were showing severe signs of water egress and damage with flaking concrete and, particularly after heavy rains with ground  water seeping through the concrete in a number of locations. In consultation with specialist concrete repair contractor Ryan Wilks provided a detailed repair solution to our client for consideration and review which we are pleased to say was accepted and implemented. The repairs involved to fold process, firstly to provide  injection of a  polyurethane grout  to seal the concrete from the inside to provide a water barrier and then complete general concrete repairs. Where major leaks were evident the existing concrete was scabbled back to enable the steelwork to be treated and loose concrete removed. Polyurethane sealer was also injected around the areas to seal the concrete from the inside then when cured the holes were filled and patched with specific Parchem developed render repair products.

The injection process involves drilling a series of holes along , or around the crack line into which injection nozzles are then screwed. Water is then injected into the concrete under pressure which then finds the cracks and  as indicated in photos below we would then start drilling at the leaking cracks. The water identifies the weakness in the concrete and provide a path for the poly urethane expanding sealer. The sealer is then injected under pressure into the wet concrete, the sealer following the water path to the crack. After curing the excess urethane is removed and a render “band aid” strip is applied over the repaired area.

Our site repairs and subsequent investigation of the existing concrete and steelwork identified a much bigger problem than first anticipated and Ryan Wilks have submitted a long term proposal to our client for review and are awaiting feedback.

This project is certainly not part of our core business but does highlight Ryan Wilks flexibility and professionalism to be able to adapt and provide our clients with turn key solution for any issues that they may have.

Value $90k

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