Electrical Repairs / Rectification – Brisbane Floods

Electrical Repairs / Rectification – Brisbane Floods

Flooding can cause faults in electrical wiring systems and equipment. Electricity can kill, so it is essential that you take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety, and that of those around you. Loss of your electricity in your business can also be costly, so the quicker you restore your electricity the quicker you can get your business up and running. While it is not always easy to be prepared for flooding, here are some helpful tips:

During the flood

  • Never operate electrical equipment in or near water unless it is specifically designed to do so.
  • Turn off your main switch (at the meter box or main switchboard) before the water arrives – if you can do so safely.
  • If your safety switch or circuit breakers have tripped during the flood, do not reset them. Call 1300 340 124 and Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd will attend to test the wiring.
  • Take extra care around your all switchboards and wear synthetic or rubber-soled shoes. Unless you are completely sure of your switchboard’s safety, stay clear and call Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd 1300 340 124.

After the flood

  • Wait until the building and electrical equipment are totally dry before using anything.
  • If your premises has been inundated over electrical wiring, power outlets or other electrical equipment, organise Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd to check the premises as soon as flooding has abated by calling 1300 340 124.
  • All electrical equipment affected by water should be inspected by Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd before being place back in service.
  • If your electricity was disconnected during the flood, the Distribution Entity (Ergon Energy, Energex etc) will need a certificate of test, clearing the premises for safety, Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd can issue you with a certificate.

Your Electricity supplier is only responsible for the wiring up to the connection to the house or facility. From that point on it is the premises owner’s responsibility to ensure wiring is safe. Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd will ensure that your home is electrically safe. Never try to undertake this work yourself.

Call 1300 340 124 – 24 hours a day 7 days a week