Major power upgrade project for Telstra at the Parramatta Telephone Exchange.

The works involved the replacement of existing switchboards and the installation of new ATS Switchboards to provide dual power supplies for the new POD works. In all four (4) existing switchboards were removed and Eight (8) new Switchboards, ATS’s were installed, installation of major overhead and underfloor cable trays and new sub mains cables within a small floor space whilst the rest of the POD other services works were also being installed at the same time.

There were three major power shutdowns and the cutover of power, firstly to install two new ATS’s, which when up and running allowed the second shutdown to replacement of existing panels and again once powered up the final ATS cutover. These cutovers involved the isolation of main electrical risers and the swapping of power supplies throughout the building to ensure that the operations of the Exchange were maintained at all times. These cutovers involved detailed planning and approvals and were a credit to all involved from the client and consultants to our site team to ensure that works were completed successfully and safely.

Our works were the first section of the power upgrade works, we look forward to a new section to provide UPS backup power for the POD. The switchboard designs are complete (another eight Switchboards) and just waiting to get the go-ahead.

We thank Telstra, Ventia and CKB Consulting for the opportunity of completing these works and look forward to completing the UPS works. We are currently in the process of carrying out Busway Riser repairs which when complete will secure power supplies on site.