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Air Services – Air Conditioning Upgrade

Ryan Wilks has recently completed another strategic air conditioning upgrade for Air Services Australia at their Melbourne office, this time as part of larger “Eurocat Life Extension Project”.


The works involved the installation of a small CRAC unit to supplement the existing Test & Evaluation computer room air conditioning and an upgrade of general air conditioning within the T & E workshop area and adjacent offices.

Whilst the works were somewhat simple in nature they were complicated by the fact that escorts were required at all times, the T & E Area was occupied  and operational 24/7, critical milestone completion date for the CRAC unit installation and  on-going co-ordination with additional Eurocat Life Extension works that were happening simultaneously with our works. Unbeknown to us our client had expedited some of the Eurocat works and we were greeted by 28 people in the work area on Day 1.

We are please to say that we took these issues in our stride and were able to  complete the milestone CRAC unit installation on time, and were able to complete the overall project a week and half early.

Key features of the project were;

  • The installation of the CRAC unit required a shutdown of the existing Computer Room air conditioning systems to enable the cut in out new pipework connections. New pipe connections and valves sections were pre-fabricated off site to minimise downtime and the works were performed out of hours.
  • On site we were advised of the sensitive issue of fumes and odours within the building, as such we utilized clamped viega type crimped pipe installation thus removing the fume issues (value add for our client).
  • On site we werr advised no drilling allowed, alternate routes had to eb found and co-ordinated on site to use existing fixings and supports (ie new refrigeration lines run atop existing ductwork.
  • Out of hours weekend installation of split units, and modification to ductwork and outlets in the office area to minimise impact on occupants.

This project highlighted Ryan Wilks ability to re-act to constantly changing site conditions and be able to communicate and co-ordinate with our client, and meet tight deadlines. It also allowed us another opportunity to provide “Ryan Wilks Quality and Service” nationally and is accredit to all involved.

Value $150k

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