• $ 400k

Sydney Opera House – Type 1 Light Fitting Design & Construct Upgrade

This project forms part of the Sydney Opera House’s commitment to achieving energy savings. Significant energy and maintenance cost savings have been made through the upgrading and retro fitting of the Opera House approximately 2000 common area and performance rooms ceiling light fittings from the old fluorescent T5 tubes and ballasts to new LED tubes with self contained drivers.

Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd designed, developed the retrofit new LED lighting into the existing heritage common area lighting enclosures. In consultation with the Sydney Opera House Ryan Wilks ensured the final outcome provided the best architectural, aesthetic, energy efficient and maintainable outcome for the client.


Ryan Wilks Design Provides significant cost savings:

The new LED lighting provides the Sydney Opera House a more energy efficient lighting installation. The new LED lighting has a longer life span compared to the existing fluorescent fittings which equate to less maintenance cost for the new lighting system.

Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd installed new innovative LED lighting to assist the reduction of energy consumption. In addition, the new LED lighting is also connected to the Sydney Opera House intelligent lighting control system (C-Bus) in most areas which enables the clients to control the timing and switching of the new LED lighting to achieve energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It is calculated that upgrade of LED fittings will create an energy savings of 60% compared to the replaced fittings. At todays energy pricing equates to approximately $55,000 per year!

Project Challenges:

  • Design and installation of new Light fitting diffuser catenary supports. These items were carefully considered due to the weight of the diffusers and unusual fitting arrangement.
  • Installation and retro fitting of new LED tubs  / drivers in to the existing and heritage light housing
  • Installation and retro fitting of LED tomb stones
  • Design and retro fitting of light fitting supports where required
  • Co-ordination and interface with the electrical services and existing lighting control systems.
  • Installation works in line with SOH heritage standards.
  • Handling and disposal of PCB Light Fittings
  • Working at Heights
  • Detailed investigations and project planning for numerous out-of-works in common and occupied areas.
  • The unique heritage listed light fittings installed in their many different locations and unique ceiling spaces required retro fitting and ingenuity to ensure the re-installed light fittings replicated their original appearance.
  • On-going client communication was required to ensure working time frames were allocated in-between concert performances, rehearsals and public tour groups.
  • Temporary and prototype lighting were installed to ensure that the lighting design and installation methodologies were not only structurally sound but that the lighting created the desired effect / appearance.
  • As with all performing art facilities, extra care was required to ensure lighting and all other performance equipment was left undisturbed for the duration of the works. This together with the construction activities being mostly completed out-of-normal working hours made this project a difficult venture to complete.

Ryan Wilks were highly praised for the design and quality installation outcome of this lighting upgrade project.

Value $ 400k

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