BluGlass – Clean Room Mechanical / Electrical Upgrade

BluGlass is an Australian clean technology company that develops and manufactures breakthrough semiconductor technology called remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD), for the production of high-efficiency devices such as light emitting diodes (LEDs) and concentrated solar cells.


As part of the facilities expanding clean room and manufacturing processes, Ryan Wilks was successful in securing the following Electrical Mechanical Upgrade package:

  • New 400A MCCB installation within an existing Main Switchboard.
  • Supply and Installation of new 400A Distribution Board servicing two new 4x1c 120mm2 FR sub mains for new processing plant.
  • Cabling reticulation above and within and operation clean room environment.
  • Supply and install a new Mechanical DB and associated cabling for two new free issued 110 Amp Chillers comprising of cooling water pumps and fan control.
  • Supply and install 4x1c +E 150mm2 FR sub mains from the above new MCCB to the new Mechanical board.
  • New 4.0kW VSD’s controlling the A/C plant fans.
  • Upgrade works of an existing Mechanical switchboard to take the 400Amp supply as well as control equipment (on/off auto switches, contactors and overloads) for the additional process plant pumps and clean room laboratory equipment.
  • Installation of all new pump and chiller supplies from the existing Mechanical services switchboard.
  • Supply and installation of new RCD protected Power Outlet Supplies.
  • Commissioning of all mechanical control systems.
  • Lighting Upgrade.
  • Installation of New Clean Room Gas Detection System consisting of 11 Gas detectors (O2 / H2 / NH3 & Silane), audio/visual alarms. 

The above works were coordinated over several outages and in-line with stringent electrical outage time frames for this 24 hours operational & manufacturing facility.

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