• $ 700k

Kensington Telecommunications Facility – Electrical Upgrade

Ryan Wilks completed the Kensington telecommunication facility upgrade in 2013. The project was another great example of Ryan Wilks ability to provide reticulation and standby alternative power solutions to ensure reliability to the clients service demands.


The project was a welcome opportunity for Ryan Wilks to enhance its ever growing ability to provide turnkey solutions for Electrical supply upgrades and standby diesel power generating systems. With a wealth of knowledge shown by the installation team, this project which included a new pad mounted substation, new main switchboard, building submain upgrades, landscaping, plumbing and acoustically isolated, remotely cooled standby diesel generator, was a welcome exercise.

The works involved connection of a temporary standby generator system to allow removal of the existing generator, installation of a new 350kva generator, remote roof mounted radiator cooling and commissioning of the new substation, MSB and generator through staged cutovers all the while maintaining two sources of supply to the building at all times.

The Kensington project was another example of Ryan Wilks ability to perform under pressure, to produce a quality service and installation, on time and on budget with no exceptions to safety and reliability.

Value $700k

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