Civic Communications Facility – HVAC Upgrade

Ryan Wilks has recently completed air conditioning upgrade project at Civic Communications Facility.


The works involved working in and around operational equipment racks and had to be completed within a short time frame to co-ordinate with the installation of new network infrastructure.

In addition to ductwork the supply air was delivery via under floor pathways and in-floor grilles. Return air was delivery via overhead ductwork.

The works were completed in an operational facility and provided numerous challenges, one being an interface to the onsite BMS system. The project works included installation of new two new Stulz Process Control Units (PCUs), chilled water pipework, valves, connection into existing Siemens BMCS to serve the new dedicated equipment area, installation of fan assisted return air systems complete with droppers in the hot aisles. Modifications were made to existing mechanical services switchboards, DB1 and DB2 new power supplies to air conditioning and ventilation plant via associated plant specific automatic transfer switches and VSDs. Installation to the Ground Floor Rectifier DB1 and DB2 switchgear for new DC power supplies to equipment associated with the installation of new equipment racks; relocation of existing electrical panels to enable installation of air conditioning equipment serving the new CFC racks; Installation and programming of load shedding strategy via the Siemens BMCS such that the existing SGP maintains critical equipment (including existing) and its associated air conditioning; modifications to existing sprinkler system; alterations to the existing Fire Alarm System including rearrangement of the existing VESDA detection system; and associated Building Works.

Whilst the project may have only been relatively small in size this project was completed in a very short time period to meet the critical client timeline.

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