• $ 200 K

Mildura Telecommunications facility – MSB & 350Kva SGP Upgrade

The Mildura Telephone Exchange project required the installation of a new 800A Main Switch Board (Form 4b) replacing the current MSB that is 30 years old. A new 350kVA generator including a new 1000L day tank, fuel lines, attenuated exhaust/intake and building works to the new plant room to satisfy local fire and acoustic regulations. The project faced a difficult transition from the new to the old MSB, as the exchange is rated as a Level 2 site that connects the whole Sunraysia District, the outage time was limited to 2 hours. A collective team effort from Ryan Wilks and the local supply authority (Power Cor) allowed for a seamless cut-over of the new MSB.

Also during the construction phase of the project, some of the Ryan Wilks staff played in the local Austrian Rules Football competition and Ryan Wilks also helped sponsor the local motorcycle club in helping them get power to their club site.

Project budget was $520,000.00 and practical completion was reached as programmed.

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