• $ 250k

Conservatorium of Music Choral Hall lighting upgrade

Ryan Wilks has recently completed a successful lighting upgrade project at the Conservatorium of Music within the choral hall theatre. The project encompassed the supply, installation and control integration of the theatres architectural and performance stage lighting.

The sophisticated LED architectural lighting was installed by Ryan Wilks to embrace the theatres architecture and to provide pleasant and practical lighting throughout the space, this incorporated the installation of a new Dali through Cbus control system to ensure optimum flexibility and functionality for any required pre-set scenario or individual customised requirement.


LED based stage lighting has come a long way in recent years to provide similar optics and brightness to the existing analogue luminaires found in most theatres throughout the world. This project allowed Ryan Wilks to install the latest LED Fresnel and profile lighting to form the basis of the stage lighting for the function of spot-lighting, face lighting and colour ambience. The Stage lighting coupled with DMX control and CBUS interface for ultimate access at all levels of capability providing the ultimate theatre lighting for all desired performances and occasion, while still allowing for individual DMX control connection for customised performances.

Access to the theatres lighting was hazardous due to the location and height of the fittings.  Thanks to great site management and the attitude of all of Ryan Wilks personnel Ryan Wilks were able to successfully install all the lighting, wiring and equipment safely without any impact to operation of the theatre hall.

The Choral Hall lighting project was a welcome challenge for the team at Ryan Wilks to provide a quality turnkey solution for lighting and theatre performance within the learning space.

Value $250k

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