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Kent Street Telephone Exchange Goes Green

Ryan Wilks recently completed another project as part of the in Telstra Energy & Carbon Reduction programme, this time at the strategic P1 Kent Street Telephone Exchange.

Telstra have identified that HVAC plant and associated building services infrastructure (i.e lighting)  account for more than half of the electricity consumption at their sites, so on a major site such as Kent Street (15 floors) these annual costs can be significant. Simple things like turning lights off when not in use can have a significant long term costs saving benefit.


As part of these costs savings the following works were completed by Ryan Wilks,

  • Installation of C-Bus lighting control to all lift lobbys
  • Upgrade and re-commissioning of Level 8 Economy Cycle
  • Chiller Optimisation Programme

The lift lobby costs saving are very simple, but extremely costs effective.  The existing  lobby light switches were replaced on all levels by 2 motion detectors. Upon detection of movement (i.e lift door opening) the detectors automatically turn on the lobby lighting for a fixed time (from 5 to 30 minutes adjustable) after which the lights go out. Given that generally these lights were generally left on 24 /7, 365 days a year this simple task of automatically turning off these lights will generate substantial long term costs savings.

The next simple costs saving was the re-commissioning of the Level 8 economy cycle which was in-active and dormant for many years. This in activity had resulted in a number of the existing drives seizing and as a result all return and outside air dampers on the main air handling units were replaced and new Siemen actuators fitted. The existing BMS system was then re-programmed and commissioned to the Telstar current economy cycle programme.

The major costs saving activity was the Level 7 plantroom chiller optimisation programme. In collaboration with Siemens the existing chiller programming was optimised to use existing flow meters in partnership with new VSD’s to optimise the performance and efficiency of the chillers and to lower the overall running costs. In addition to the major software and commissioning works carried out by Siemen the works involved the installation of eight (8) new 45 kW drives to the existing chilled and condenser water pumps and the significant modification of the existing switchboard wiring associated with the existing DOL pump starts.

Once again Ryan Wilks has played a key part in Telstra implementation of their carbon reduction (cost savings) programme.

Value $ 150k

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