Darling Harbour Convention Centre – Infloor Services Boxes

A recently completed project for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority certainly highlighted the flexibility of Ryan Wilks to adapt to the ever changing work environment and seemingly increasing  special “one off” or odd jobs, in this case the supply of in-floor boxes for the recent Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre refurbishment.


The project involved the design, manufacture and delivery of custom made in-floor boxes to the suit SHFA requirements. This involved the design and development of a working prototype floor box, the physical testing of the prototype before approvals were given to manufacture the final units.

The floor boxes were designed to be retro-fitted to the existing convention centre floor and were to house power (1ph & 3 ph) and data outlets to be used during exhibitions and displays. The boxes had a large lid for access purposes and small stainless steel cable entry flaps.

The installed boxes had to be flush fitting with the carpet so as not to present a trip hazard and strong enough to withstand 500 kg point loading from small scissor lifts passing over them. As such the boxes lid and frame section were fabricated from 10 mm mild steel plate powder coat finish. Due to the size and the weight of the main lid section gas strut supports were installed to assist with opening of the lids, and more importantly a safety device to stop the lids slamming shut. The lids were fitted with simple folded D handle which fitted within the carpet inlayed top for a flush finish.

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