Port Macquarie Telecommunications facility – Equipment Area Ductwork Modifications

Ryan Wilks recently completed air conditioning modifications to suit the H3 ” high dencity ” room layout at a Port Macquarie Telecomminications facility for Transfield Services.

Whilst the air conditioning ductwork modifications may have appeared simple and straight forward and similar to recently completed works at a Nowra facility these works involved the completion of previously half complete works, and as the final works impacted on the airflows within the existing facility the works involved a large engineering and commissioning input.


Prior to commencing any works on site Ryan Wilks undertook a full commissioning check of the ground floor air conditioning system which served the existing equipment area and the new H3 area. This included full air balance, temperature readings, equipment tech data and readings and indirectly picked up a number of service/maintenance issues that were passed onto the client for rectifications (bearing issues, loose belts, excess outside air resulting in salt spray egress and build up).

Following the ductwork modifications within the H3 area and the installation of Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle outlets the existing ground floor air conditioning system had to be re-balanced. The new area has resulted in a number of aisles within the equipment room now becoming redundant and existing equipment and load removed. This resulted in a number of existing outlets within the equipment area, and the ductwork branch dampers being closed off as to provide the new airflow to the H3 room.

The existing live equipment area and the H3 room were re-balanced as per airflow provided by the mechanical consultant. In addition temperature reading were taken through out the spaces and the final air figures adjusted to provide even temperatures with the facility and H3 areas.

The existing air handling units and return air fan variable speed drives were re-set to suit new operating (static pressure) set points and the Innotech control logic updated to suit the final installation.

The existing as installed drawings were updated to reflect the modifications, and along with copies of new commissioning figures were issued to Transfield to be included within the existing site operating and maintenance manuals.

The were completed on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of our client.

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