East Hill Girls School – Electrical Upgrade

After a recent BER installation of a new hall and school administration block complete with new MSB, the existing school electricity infrastructure had in sufficent capacity and required upgrading. The professional approach of both the construction team and the school principal ensured all stakeholders provided top marks on this project report card. The works to be performed at East Hills Girls Technical High School included but are not limited to the provision of internal submain cabling and the replacement of local distribution switchboards, together with numerous works necessary to make the works fully functional and compliant with all applicable Australian and Supply Authority Standards.


  • Existing main distribution board investigation to determine and confirm a compliant electrical reticulation, loading, labelling, sub circuit description and sizes across the school;
  • Replacement of twelve off distribution boards in line with Australian Standards.
  • Installation of over two hundred meters of new trenching and underground conduits.  The trenching was staged to coordinate with the School and student access.
  • Installation of thirteen new electrical submains across the campus.
  • Co-ordination and management of security isolations, power outages to schools servers / electrical infrastructure and high risk work activities during school term.
  • Staged electrical cutovers over the duration of July 2 week school holidays.

High praise was received from the school for Ryan Wilks planning and clear communication.

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