Argyle Diamond Mine (Rio Tinto)

Two Ryan Wilks staff members made the trek across the Nullarbor and Gibson deserts to replace the existing MSB and generator set at the Argyle Diamond Mine airport.


With only a two day window for the works to be completed, we had to adhere to a very strict time line so we didn’t interrupt the flow of aircraft in and out of the mine. Logistically we also had to ensure we had all the required equipment shipped from Brisbane in time and without the absence of any tools. Lastly Ryan Wilks had to meet and complete all training required to ensure they gained access to the Rio Tinto mine site.

The cut over took place from Friday evening at 6pm and had to be completed by 6pm Sunday evening to ensure the airport was fully functional for flights to arrive. The new main switchboard ( manufactured by Southern Cross Switchboards ) and generator where installed, connected, tested and commissioned by 3pm on the Sunday afternoon. The job was an excellent example of communication and co-operation between Ryan Wilks, Drive Train and Rio Tinto, all of whom we look forward to future projects with.

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