• $ 750 Mil

East Maitland Communications Facility – Electrical, SGP & HVAC Upgrade

The East Maitland Communications Facility was identified by the end client as requiring additional telecommunication equipment. The existing air conditioning and electrical system was required to be upgraded to support the new equipment load. The existing chilled water plant consisted of two identical air cooled chillers and two chilled water pumps. They were currently configured in duty/standby operation. The existing air handling plant (FCU-1/1 & FCU-1/2) serving the whole of level 1 was also configured in duty/standby operation. To support the new equipment load, both the chilled water plant and air handling plant were required to be reconfigured in lead/lag operation as well as modification of ductwork from two existing FCUs to serve the new equipment area. The scope of this project included the installation and upgrade of new mechanical and electrical systems to support the load increase at the site.


The maximum projected load over the next 10 years was estimated to be 748A that will be decreased to 537A after 60% reduction in the existing load due to infrastructure rollover. The existing Main Switchboard (MSB) had adequate capacity to accept the additional load and the existing 400A spare space and 250A Dummy Load Bank submains were used for the new rectifier submains. The existing diesel generator did not have adequate spare capacity for new equipment loads. As a result, the site required an upgrading of service fuse to 800A, new Rectifier Distribution Boards, a 500kVA standby diesel generator with remote radiator fan, and new rectifier submain cabling.

Mechanically the proposed L1 equipment room 4 was predicted to have an additional sensible heat load of 119.65kW added. Accordingly the total sensible heat load to this equipment room was expected to be 181.5 kW. To support the new load the two existing fan coil units (FCU-1/1 & FCU-1/2) were reconfigured as lead/lag operation. The system also serves the L1 equipment room 3 which remained in operation. The existing chillers were also reconfigured as lead/lag operation. To support the new configuration, additional air intake infrastructure to the chilled water plant room was installed.

Value $ 750,000.00

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