• $ 1.1 Million

Mayfield Communications Facility – Electrical, SGP & HVAC Upgrade

The Mayfield Communications Facility required additional telecommunication equipment, therefore the existing air conditioning and electrical system was deemed to have insufficient capacity to support the new equipment load, currently there was no cooling within the proposed area. As a result, an upgrade of the existing air conditioning and electrical system were required to accommodate the load increase.


The scope of this project included the installation of new mechanical and electrical systems to support the load increase at the site. A revised smoke detection layout was also required for the equipment rooms and MDF areas.

The final projected load over the next 10 years was estimated to be 480A. The existing incoming power supply was estimated to be 200A based on the size of Mains at the point of attachment and did not have sufficient capacity to support the final projected load. The existing Main Switchboard (MSB) and existing diesel generator did not have adequate spare capacity for new equipment loads and were upgraded. New 350kVA diesel generator set, new Main Switchboard, two new Rectifier Distribution Boards and one new MSSB were installed.

Mechanically equipment room 2 was predicted to have an additional sensible heat load of 114.9kW added and retain an existing portion of the equipment load which equates to 45kW. Accordingly the total sensible heat load within the room was expected to be 166.7kW. To support this load three new air cooled air conditioning units and associated return air fans were installed on the site. The new air conditioning system serves both Equipment Room 2 and 3 space. A ventilation system was provided for the new battery room.

Value $ 1.1 million

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