• $ 1.1 Mil

Harbourside Darling Harbour – HVAC Upgrade

Ryan Wilks recently completed Stage 1 of a major air conditioning upgrade for Mirvac at the Harbourside Shopping Town located at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.  This shopping centre is a major attraction for tourist and locals and is filled with 2 levels of retail outlets, restaurants and a large food court area. The centre is open till late each night 365 days a year.

The Darling Harbour precinct is currently undergoing major transformation with the construction of the new Convention and Exhibition Centres, construction of a Hotel complex, major upgrades to the Maritime Museum and the new residential development around the Chinese Gardens. The Darling Harbour area will soon become the new focal point for inner city living and entertainment.

Mirvac have long term plans for this strategic site and  this project is Mirvac’s first stage of a long term upgrade and refurbishment plan for the site to meet the new and exciting challenges ahead for this area.


The Stage 1 works involved;

  • Carrying out full pre-commissioning (water and air flows) testing
  • Major refurbishment of the seven (7) main air handling units comprising;
    • the replacement of the existing 4 row coils with new 7 row coils (2 per unit 250 kgs each)
    • installation of new stainless steel filter frames with new pre and deep bed filters
    • the replacement of return and outside air dampers with new stainless steel dampers
    • installation of new variable speed drive units for fan motors
    • modification of chilled water pipework to include new self balancing control valves
    • insulation of new pipework complete with aluminium sheathing
    • installation of new access doors
    • cleaning and sanitising of the AHU’s
    • re-commissioning of chilled water and total airflows
  • Replacement of 2 existing Fan Coil Units and associated ductwork
  • Refurbishment of 4 off existing cooling towers, striped back to base shell and replacement of fans, motors, shafts, internal walkways, fills,  new louvres and new variable speed drive units
  • Modifications to the Tenant Condenser water circuit into new dedicated Primary and secondary circuits, complete with four (4) new pumps, variable speed drive units and heat exchangers

The refurbishments were carried out not only with the centre operational, but also completed during warm November  December period. The works were carried out with minimal impact to the day to day operation of the centre, or more importantly the air conditioning systems.

The cooling towers were refurbished one at a time to ensure sufficient capacity to maintain chillers at all times, cooling coil replacement, including pipework modifications, installation of new valves and replacement of filters were  completed in  just over one day.

We are please to say that the works were completed on schedule and to a very high quality which was noted and appreciated by our client.

Value $1.1 mil

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