• $ 318K

Telecommunications facility – Labrador

Ryan Wilks were engaged by Schneider Electric – IT Business Pty Limited to complete the power upgrade works associated with Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) MTX. The purpose of this upgrade was to remove the existing MSB and replace with a new MSB and two switchboards MDB-A and MDB-B within a critical live network site whilst maintaining the sites reliability and availability throughout the works.


We liaised with the client and stakeholders in defining the scope required to deliver the project and develop a firm Method of Procedure/Construction Program for implementation with all parties involved.

The scope of works involved the following;

  • Disconnection of existing Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit to allow for New MDB-B supply and installation which included unloading from truck, positioning, installation, assembly, cabling, test and commissioning.
  • Cabling of new mains supply, generator supply and mobile generator backup supply to both MDB-A and B.
  • MDB-B was confirmed to be fully functional and single fed critical equipment was temporarily connected to MDB-B.  MDB-B was switched to the onsite generator supply with the second generator as backup to maintain the critical live network.
  • Energex isolated the 1000KVA padmount transformer that fed the site and then we disconnected, removed and recycled the existing 11m MSB.  The new MSB was then placed and the mains cables reterminated.  The submain cables feeding MDB-B were terminated into their final position on the new MSB.
  • New CT cabling was drawn through the existing conduits to the remote meter location beside the padmount transformer and then terminated to the meter test block and cts in the new MSB.  A new earth pin and cable were installed.  MSB was energised and MDB-B was reinstated onto mains supply.
  • MDB-A was then installed and the old MSB secondary circuits connected.
  • New ATS to DB-B within the MSB room. DB-B feeds the critical mobile phone tower at the rear of the MTX and was only fed by a single supply prior to the works.
  • New main Earth pin and cable
  • Installation of mobile generator connection boxes for MDB-A & B
  • Installation and connection of new PFC unit
  • Integration with existing generator switchboard
  • Installation of UPS supplies to BMS Ethernet gateways to ensure uninterrupted Comms and monitoring of each switchboard and its circuits.
  • Site Foreman liaised with BMS contractor in commissioning BMS on new boards. Information like load currents and circuit breaker status are just some of the things that can be monitored on these new boards.

Value $318K

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