Haymarket Telecommunications facility – LPS Upgrade

Ryan Wilks completed the Haymarket telecommunication facility upgrade. The project was another great example of Ryan Wilks ability to provide Telecommunication DC distribution solutions to assist our clients ever growing infrastructure demands and industry requirements.

The project was a welcome opportunity for Ryan Wilks to enhance its ability to provide DC, Large Power Supply engineering solutions to ensure that the clients autonomy requirements are provided using a process that ensures continued equipment service with no permissible outage times threw out the changeover process.


The works involved a detailed design process, installation and migration strategy to enable the installation team to successfully migrate the -48V DC supply from one 800A Large Power Supply distribution system to another on an alternative floor. All works where completed Live, with no disruption to service and reliability.

The Haymarket project was another example of Ryan Wilks ability to perform under pressure, to produce quality service and installation, on time and on budget with no exceptions to safety and reliability.

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