Ryan Wilks Helps Telstra Go Green

Ryan Wilks has just completed another two economy cycle upgrade projects to assist Telstra go green and to incorporate free cooling into there existing facilities. In simple terms the economy cycle involves the use of cool outside air to cool the equipment rooms instead of running the air conditioning plant.


The works involved some minor builders works to allow the installation of new outside air and relief louvres, modifications to existing air conditioning ductwork and the replacement of existing old dampers and actuators with new. Whilst many of the projects are simple in nature they are providing positive, and instantaneous cost savings to Telstra which have been demonstrated literally hours after commissioning.

Ryan Wilks has now completed upgrades at following facilities;

  • Lane Cove
  • Hunters Hill
  • Killara
  • Oxford Falls
  • Long Jetty
  • Northbridge
  • St Leonards

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