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Ipswich Hospital – MSB 2 & Generator Interconnect Cabling

Ryan Wilks have completed another stage of the Electrical Distribution Upgrades at Ipswich Hospital by completing the MSB 2 replacement and installation of the Generator Interconnect Cabling. 

The Interconnect cabling links the Tower Block with the Ward Block generator system to allow support in the event of one or more generators failing. This allows the hospital to have redundancy and confidence in their electrical supply when network outages occur. The Interconnect cabling is controlled and supported by a DeepSea control system. 

The  project required a replacement switchboard to be installed. To maintain operations at the hospital, and liaising closely with the West Moreton Health staff, all electrical services were transferred to generator to ensure no issues were reported during these works.

The MSB 2 has an Energy Integrated Management System that allows the client to monitor all data recovered from the switchgear installed within. This is then linked to the onsite BMS. 

Through careful planning with our client and regular prestart meetings with our site team, we ensured the continued safety of the staff, patients, visitors, and contractors.

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