• $800k

RPA Hospital Generator Controls Upgrade

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is one of Australia’s premier tertiary referral hospitals and is recognised as a worldwide leader in healthcare excellence and innovation. Ryan Wilks carried out the design, documentation, supply and installation of replacement Digital Master Controllers and Associated Programmable Logic Controllers associated with the generator systems at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital main building.

Summary of works included:

  • Detailed site survey of the 13 levels and 138 existing ATS panels servicing essential services to the hospital;
  • Comprehensive and collaborative risk management, contingency planning with the hospital stakeholders to achieve a seamless and incident free staged cutover procedure.
  • Replacement and staged cutover of the existing Digital Master Controllers controlling the standby diesel generator systems consisting of 5 Generators.
  • Replacement and stage cutover of the group programmable logic controllers (PLC) monitoring the operation of the respective generator systems and controlling the slave PLC’s operating the automatic transfer switches at the respective distribution boards.
  • Replacement and staged cutover of the slave PLC’s controlling the operation of the automatic transfer switches at the respective distribution boards
  • Replacement and staged cutover of the mains Synch controller’s and Intelli Gen controllers utilised for communication and control of the ATS controllers, with a PLC. The PLC system provides greater features for trouble shooting for maintenance together with being more flexible to program
  • All required programming of the modified system to allow its correct and reliable function.
  • Dummy Load and Building Load functional  testing of the new Generator, field ATS, SCADA and Standby Diesel Power System.

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