Merrylands Council Chambers HVAC Upgrade – Cumberland Council

Ryan Wilks has continued its working relationship with local councils and has recently completed air conditioning upgrade work at the Merrylands Council Chambers on behalf of Cumberland Council.


The works involved the replacement of existing rooftop package units on two adjacent building roofs. Whilst a simple swap in, swap out exercise it involved a number of site visits for planning and measuring to ensure that on the designated week end we had the associated new ductwork and controls wiring to ensure that the swap over could occur with no impact on the day to day operations of the busy facility.

With all preparation works complete a weekend crane lift was arranged and an adjacent carpark closed off for crane set up. With the old units out and new ones in place the installation works were completed on the Sunday so that the units would be operational first thing Monday morning when the council chambers opened for business.

The operation of the existing building air conditioning and ventilation system operation were a mixture of on/off switches and limited auto operation. As part of the works a new BMS head end was installed and a major automation control system installed to enable operation and monitoring of  the old and new equipment. In addition to a new level of control this BMS upgrade allowed greatly improved plant optimisation and monitoring of power consumption to provide significant long term  cost savings.

By no means a major project, but this project still required and received the same level of input and commitment as Ryan Wilks do on all projects. 

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