Miranda Telecommunications Facility – HVAC Upgrade

Ryan Wilks completed an air conditioning upgrade for Telstra to provide a new equipment room area on Level 2 of the exchange building.


Like all projects this site had its own unique logistical issues, with co-ordination of existing communication cable trays and access to the level 2 work area. The access issue was resolved by use of the existing Telstra overhead crane, this proved a double bonus for Ryan Wilks as it allowed us to lift and move the units into position, and secondly, and more importantly allowed to carry out Hoist training for all our team.

Given the location of the building, sandwiched between Miranda Fair Shopping Centre the crane lift whilst simple, did require council permits and a road closure on a Sunday evening.

The works included the installation of the new suite air conditioning system, installation of acoustic intake louvres, the installation of a new mechanical switchboard and control system as well as upgrading the electrical submains. This also required modifications to the existing existing mains switchboard. These works were co-ordinated around other building activities occurring on the site at the same time.

We were extremely happy with the finished product.  A great team effort by all and thanks to our staff and sub contractors for what is another high quality installation. We thank Telstra and BRS for allowing us the opportunity to again display our abilities to deliver high end projects.

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