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MSB 3 Renewal – Southbank

Ryan Wilks have completed the works associated with the replacement of the existing MSB 3 at Southbank in South Brisbane.

The project works required a new switchroom to be built and a new cable trench way to be formed to link the existing infrastructure for ease of cut overs. The critical part of the works needed an approach to consider the existing services within the ground whilst excavating for the construction of the new cable trench. The site team also successfully adhered to all noise restrictions in the works area.

The new Switchroom was constructed with a 2-hour fire rating to protect the surrounding building. New Emergency Exit & lighting was installed along with a standalone dry fire detection system. Access control allowed for continued security to the adjacent public toilets but also allowing an emergency exit route from the newly constructed switchroom.

The existing switchboard had a number of tenancy supplies that could only support a small outage during the cutovers which resulted in 2 generators being utilised to ensure downtime was at a minimum. This project required a new DB to replace the existing DB that was housed within the old MSB 3, the new FDB 14 is located in the old switchroom. The Parklands has a number of lighting supplies that are CBus controlled, these lighting circuits remained unaffected during the project and are monitored through Schneiders Power Tag system for the onsite maintenance team to ensure visibility of their services.

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