Ningi – SGP & Electrical Upgrade

Ryan Wilks were engaged by a telecommunications provider to undertake electrical and building works to meet facility’s functional and BCA upgrade requirements. The project included the decommissioning of two existing generators, fuel systems that had surpassed their serviceability and end of life and were replaced with a new efficient, and reliable Cummins generator, a new Cummins Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), new above-ground diesel storage tank and associated fuel pipework.  This initiative was crucial for enhancing the operational efficiency, reliability, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring an ongoing uninterrupted emergency power supply to the site. 

To maintain the operational integrity of the facility during the works and allow the existing main switchboard (MSB) to be isolated to undertake essential modifications, a new temporary switchboard was installed to support the site whilst the MSB was de-energised. Several existing switchboard sub-mains were transferred temporarily from the MSB to temporary switchboard to allow modifications works on the MSB  to proceed. Upon conclusion of the MSB alterations supplies were transferred back to the MSB, the site reticulation was restored and the new Generator and  ATS were commissioned. 

The decommissioning of the site’s old generators and their fuel supply and storage systems brought about the necessity to decommission and remove an existing inground diesel storage tank that was no longer required. Following draining, cleaning and testing of the surrounding soil for contamination, the old tank was removed and disposed of at a licensed disposal facility and the surrounding excavation area remediated and restored to its original state. 

As part of the facilities ongoing BCA compliance requirements, Ryan Wilks undertook a number of initiatives including the installation of a new 2-hour fire-rated ceiling and access panel in the existing main switchboard room, installation of new 2-hour fire-rated access panel and fire rating of all existing penetrations within the existing generator room. These works were undertaken in a controlled and detailed manner to ensure minimal impact on the buildings occupants and in accordance with the strict dust management protocols required at the facility.  

The project required strict adherence to the telecommunications providers stringent access requirements with all contractors and personnel involved being required to comply with the facilities robust access and WHS protocols. All works were completed within the required project time frame and to the satisfaction of the client with no impact to ongoing facility operations. 

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