Rode Microphones – HVAC Installation

The project scope included the installation and commissioning of four Armcor packaged Air Handling Units complete with a Prihoda fabric duct system to service the manufacturing plant, as air temperature is critical to the operation of the machinery within the facility.

On arrival to site the manufacturing area was being filled with equipment by a specialised team who were flown in from Germany. This team were programmed to start two weeks ahead of our installation team to enable the most efficient installation possible and not keep our German colleagues away from home any longer than needed.


The project program was challenging due to very a fast paced German team installing the equipment. Working at high level above the newly installed machinery was required, therefore strategically positioned  and maneuvered access equipment was used to install mounting points above the plant area and then to safely lift the transitional spiral duct connectors and install the fabric duct.

Part of our electrical installation was to provide a mechanical switch board (MSSB-1) to supply the four Armcar PAC units on the roof. All four Armcor PAC units where craned up onto the newly install platform on the roof. New penetrations were provided in the roof to connect the duct work between the Armcor PAC units and the Prihoda fabric duct system.

New cable trays were installed between the Mechanical switchboard (MSSB-1) on the mezzanine level and the Armcor PAC units on the roof. The four PAC supply cables were terminated in four water tight IP66 NHP Isolator termination boxes mounted on the inside of the PAC units. A smaller split air conditioning unit was installed in the new Main Switch room to control the environment and enable accurate operation of the equipment in the room.

The project team are happy with the final installation and we once again satisfied our client’s expectations relating to quality, cost and timing.

We thank Brendon Wright from Rode Microphone for allowing us the opportunity to be part of this unique project.

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