• $ 280k

St Mary’s Telecommunications facility – SGP & MSB Upgrade

The St Mary’s communications facility is a 2 storey building which housed an existing 75KVA Generator and a 250 amp Main Switch board both of which were well passed their Life Cycle Replacement age and unable to keep up with the load demands of this busy little facility.  The extent of this project was to replace the Genset with a New Cummins C200D5 185KVA Set and a new 400Amp form 3B Main Switch board.


This project found Ryan Wilks in similar territory as on many other projects but not without having to overcome certain challenges.  The client had instructed our staff to investigate the possible re-use of the 500 gallon bulk underground diesel storage tank.  Ryan Wilks put the tank through rigorous testing initially with a series of negative pressure tests and found the tank to be of reasonable condition but still requiring attention after failing the initial testing.

We conducted repairs as required, the tank proved to be a small challenge to Ryan Wilks and was handled with precision, expert timing and knowhow.  Upon completion the tank was fit for purpose passing all re-testing as per current legislation and Australian Standards.  Seeing the completion of this project on time and under the client’s budget.

Value $280k

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