York Public School – Cooler Classrooms Project

Whilst the project seems simple on the surface as it only involved the fitout of some 30 classrooms, the project was made more challenging as it was to be completed simultaneously with the cooler classroom upgrade at the adjacent Jamison High School. In total 95 classrooms were fitted out.

The works involved the installation of new split type air conditioning systems and new fresh air fan in to each classroom, designed to be as economical and environmentally friendly as possible, and to provide optimal learning conditions for students.

To do this each classroom is fitted with its own A/C control panel which incorporated a smart controller, a CO2 sensor and is linked to a common outdoor sensor.  When the outside air conditions are favourable a green indicator light on the panel illuminates to advise the teacher (and the students) that they can open a window instead of turning on the air conditioning to cool the classroom. (energy saving mode)

The CO2 levels within the classroom is constantly monitored and when it becomes to high (above the recommended guidelines) a yellow  indicator light will light up to tell the teacher to either open a window (if the green light is on) or turn on the  air conditioning system which will also start the fresh air fan and reduce the CO2 levels back to optimal learning levels.

In the event that the air conditioning is left on when students leave the room the system will automatically turn off after 2 hours.

With limited ceiling spaces available many of the outside air fans and associated ductwork have had to be located within the classrooms and hidden behind new bulkheads. The initial rough-in and framing works drew the ire of many teachers at the time, but with careful planning and consideration of the existing structures and spaces we are pleased to say that final installations blend in with the surrounds. The teachers are happy with outcome and in many instances have found themselves with additional wall spaces for mounting of school work and students art.

Where possible new condenser units have been installed in garden beds or out of the way locations. Where they have been installed in trafficable or exposed areas consideration and planning has resulted in a minimalistic install, as in, it’s there, but you don’t really notice it. As an example we have cut the footpath in one high traffic area so that we could install the drain line across the path to the adjacent garden. In other instances we have cut back bricks to allow trunking to run flush with the wall, so as not to protrude. This again reduces a potential hazard, and neaten’s the installation.

A unique feature of this  project are the aluminium protective cages for the condenser units. These cages look modern, are light weight for servicing of units and will not rust or fade. Similarly within the class rooms new pipework and cabling has been in installed in flat white trunking which blends in with the walls. These are all small simple items that together make the overall install blend into the surrounds, and not stand out.

We are happy with the final installation, but more importantly the School and the Department are extremely satisfied with the quality of installation. This project display’s the total turn key solutions that Ryan Wilks are well known for.

Value $ 1.8mil